3 1/2" by 9"
$ 579.00
4" by 10"
$ 625.00
5" by 12 1/2"
$ 850.00
5 1/2" by 13 3/4"
$ 955.00
6" by 15"

ur #1005-1006 Cylindrical lantern is our most popular piece. It can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted, grouped to form a chandelier, used in exterior settings, and offered in five different sizes. It is as functional as it is beautiful. We offer it in amber mica and art glass. Note that the vertical straps that enclose the mica are tapered and shaped at the top to a pleasing form and not just straight cut. The lid of the lantern is hand hammered into its conical shape and our chain is hand hammered and hand formed into oval and circular links.