I had the honor to be commissioned to build a lamp for Dirk van Erp's great-grandson, Bill van Erp.  Bill sent me some beautiful original mica from his great-grandfather's studio to use in this #908 'Beanpot' Table Lamp.  The photo shows Bill with his mother, Marianna van Erp (Dirk van Erp's grand daughter-in-law) and the family's van Erp 'Beanpot' Table Lamp along side the one we built for Bill.  The Evergreen Studios lamp is going into the van Erp family collection.



Last night my mom brought over the DvE lamp that sat on my dad's desk that came from his father's desk from the shop.  Actually she carried it over to the house in a plastic bag padded with a towel. She was very interested to compare the two side by side.

She and I are very impressed by your skillful craftsmanship and attention to detail.  It's been rainy and dark the past couple of weeks and I've really enjoyed the lamps's warm glow.


Bill and Marianna van Erp
San Francisco, CA



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Hi Michael,

My new light fixtures are now hanging majestically in my living room and dining room.  Kudos to you for creating such amazing functional art.  I am extremely proud and honored to have these beautiful creations in my keeping .  They bring warmth and soul to my beloved little bungalow home.

With heartfelt gratitude and respect,

Sara Katz
Williams, Oregon




Dear Michael,

I got our beautiful new chandelier up over the kitchen island area and it's absolutely perfect.  What a relief and an improvement!  The mica is georgeous and when the guys who built the house come over, it's the first thing they notice.


Samantha Williams
Los Angeles, California


Dear Michael,

As the natural light turns to twilight, the warmth in the room created by the lamp is magical.............not surprising, as I approach the room I find myself stopping, trying to take it all in.........and the illumination upward, though subtle, is significant.  Just what we had hoped for.........Thank you, Michael.  Your work is beautiful and has made our home so very inviting.  
The very best to you.

Cathy and Kevin Davidson
Seabeck, Washington


The lamp arrived an hour ago. AMAZING. It's a privilege to own such a great piece.
Thank you Michael.

Larry & Shanna Butcher
Midland, Michigan


Once we had it in place, it was even more than Pat and I had imagined from the pictures!  We stood back and just looked at it for at least 15-minutes from various angles.  It is absolutely wonderful and more of a work of art than just another recreation from the Craftsman era.  Again, thank you!!!!  It is so wonderful.......

Patricia and David Eckhardt
Loveland, Colorado



Michael and Cathy,

I finally got around to taking a picture of the chandelier in my dining room/cupola. I love all the light fixtures I bought from you, and guests have complimented me many times.  Thanks.

Sabra Turnbull
New York, New York



Dear Michael,

We got your 3 shade chandelier, #1070 installed over our dining room table and absolutely love it!  It goes nicely with the other pieces you have made for us.  Thanks for your beautiful work.

Marty Zier
Orcas Island, Washington




Your beautiful van Erp table lamp sits on a Limbert double oval table, which is flanked by two bow arm Morris chairs.  The room is enhanced by a Persian Tabriz rug.  The warm color projected by the lamp is very lovely, especially at night.

Best Regards,

Ovidiu Predescu
Los Altos, California



Hi Michael,

Here are recent photos that were taken in our home last December, and they will give you a good feel in which the manner of your lamps are important highlights relative to Marilyn's decorating scheme. We are very proud of your work!


We plan to take another round of photos after the Van Erp lamps arrive and will send copies to you. Obviously, we are excited about adding them to our collection of Evergreen Studio masterpieces.


Thanks again Michael!


Bill Van Sant



We are thrilled with our Evergreen Studio lights. Michael Ashford's design eye is authentic not only to the Arts an Crafts style, but to the Arts and Craft principles. The light fixtures are sturdily made with the finest materials. They look beautiful unlit, and when switched on they unassumingly add to the ambiance of each room where we've used them. We are so delighted that we have ordered 8 more sconces and 2 pendants for the second phase of our renovation! As we were taking down the pair of wall sconces, it was fascinating to hear the electrician remark about the quality of the matching sconces; he believed them to be original to our 1909 house! In fact, we bought them only 5 years ago.


Thanks again,

Jennifer Upton



Hi Michael,

The fixtures arrived and Tom installed them. He says your instructions were great. I know you have heard this a thousand times but the fixtures are terrific. Thanks again for being a superb craftsman.

Tom and Penny Stansberry
Seattle, WA



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